How To Spot Fake Nike Dunks

If you purchase Nike Dunks from any store other than an authorized retailer, then you need to know how to spot fakes Nike Dunks. Unfortunately, fake Nike Dunks are everywhere. Fake Nike Dunks and other famous designer labels can even be found in storefronts near you. If you buy shoes or clothing via the Internet, knowing how to spot the imposters is crucial. No one wants to spend their hard earned money on a knock-off passed off as an authentic pair. Fakes are getting better than they once were. Gone are the days of misspelled works of upside down logos.

In order to spot fake Nike Dunks, you will need:

  • The Nike Dunks in question
  • Keen Eye
  • Tape measure
  1. Get out your tape measure. The lace bag on the authentic Nike Dunks should measure seven and a half centimeters in width by thirteen and a half centimeters in length. On the fakes, the measurements are shorter and will vary.
  2. Look for the tag hole. The pin tag hole will be punched above the zip lock on the lace bag. With fake Nike Dunks, the pin tag hole is punched below the zip lock. Check the location. The Nike "swoosh" and the "R" for registered trademark, should be the same height when looking down from standing up. The "R" should have a three dimensional effect. In fakes, the trademark "R" is lower than the logo. There is no three dimensional effect.
  3. Examine the inside size tag label. The barcode should not be touching the numbers on the tag. In a lot of fakes, this is seen. The font on all Nike Dunks will be the same. Each type of shoe from Nike has a distinct font. Manufacturers of counterfeit shoes have not caught on to this yet.
  4. Consider the price and the source. If you are getting a great deal on brand new Nike Dunks, chances are it may be too good to be true. If the great deal comes from a private person or site offering multiple pairs of inexpensive shoes, the shoes are likely not authentic.
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