How To Spot Fake Nikes

Using a fake Nike product may sound like a good deal, but there are disadvantages in using these items, so it pays to know how to spot fake Nikes. Authentic Nikes are made from quality materials and there are telltale signs that can help you identify fake Nikes.  

  1.  Price. If you are looking at a pair that is almost 50 percent lower than original Nike products, you might actually be looking at fake Nikes. Authentic Nikes are not cheap, but their quality and durability is worthy the investment.
  2. Shipping. Shipping times for authentic products is usually shorter, especially if orders are from the United States. If you are in the United States and your Nike products will be delivered in about seven to fourteen days, chances are these products would come from far places like China, which is an identified source of fake Nikes.
  3. Check all available sizes. Most times, fake Nike sellers do not have United States size of thirteen and above for men and size nine for women. If all sizes are available, this is a good sign that you are dealing with an honest dealer.
  4. Check how the shoes would be packaged. Some sellers sound convincing when they say you would save on shipping when they do not ship the box. This is not true. Fake Nikes usually do not have sturdy boxes like authentic products. There are also some counterfeit shoes products that are covered in plastic.
  5. Check the soles. Authentic Nikes uses BRS 1000 rubber; however, this may not be easy to spot for online purchases. If the soles look slippery and look like plastic, this is a high chance that the shoes are counterfeit. This is also risky for athletes that may be using these shoes in competition since these may be made from substandard materials.
  6. Check the midsole. The midsoles of counterfeit items have very visible dots. Since the rubber would be molded liquid, the small dots are from such procedures. Authentic procedures would give more emphasis on how these dots can be reduced to almost invisibility. Poorly made products do not give much attention to such that these are quite visible in the midsoles.
  7. Look for SKU print. These SKU style numbers are printed in both the box and the shoe tag itself. These two should match. Counterfeit items may have missing SKU numbers or the SKE numbers in the box and the shoe tag do not match.
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