How To Spot Fake Prada

Learning how to spot fake Prada to avoid getting ripped off is not too hard. Knock offs tend to giveaway a few key red flags that potential buyers may pick up on to avoid paying for fake luxury goods that are passed off as the real deals. Following is some easy advice on how to spot fake Prada that will make shopping much easier if you want to buy some of these luxury items.

How to Spot Fake Prada

  1. First, find the logo on the suspicious product. The "R," the second letter in the word, has a notch just below the rounded part of the letter. If this is not found, it is fake.
  2. Also look at the two "A" letters in the logo. Both of these should have right sides that are thicker than their left sides, and the right slanted part of each "A" should continue past the top of the narrow left sides.
  3. The tag inside of the product that you are considering should say, in all capital letters, "PRADA MADE IN ITALY", without any additional punctuation and with no lower case letters. If this is not what appears on the tag, then you have spotted a fake Prada product.
  4. If you are examining a handbag, the lining should say "Prada" over and over. This is very hard to mimic, as fake, knock off product manufacturers will have difficulties printing lining that says this and lining their bags with it.
  5. Metal on handbags should say "Prada." This is also very hard to do for knock off manufacturers, so look to see that metal pieces like buttons have the actual company's name engraved in them.

Learning how to spot fake Prada products is not too hard. If an item seems questionable, first check the logo. If that seems right, make sure that the lining says "Prada," and that metal pieces like buttons also have the actual manufacturer engraved into them. The tag is also the same on all Prada products.

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