How To Spot A Fake Seiko Watch

Before you purchase a Seiko watch one thing that is helpful to know is how to spot a fake Seiko watch.  Although Seiko is not a luxury watch brand there are still many manufacturers distributing fake Seiko watches. This article will show you what to look for when purchasing your Seiko watch to ensure that your watch is authentic.

  1. Check the spelling.  Many counterfeit watches will have the word "Seiko"  misspelled. They get away with this because the misspelling is usually very subtle, such as "Sieko"
  2. Feel the finishing.  Authentic Seiko watches have a smooth finish and sturdy construction. If the Seiko watch seems poorly made or has a rough finish it is likely a fake.
  3. Observe the color of the hands and numbers.  The hands on the watch and the hour markers should be the same color. In many fake Seiko watches the color of the hands and hour markers are two different colors, if only by a few shades.
  4. Compare the logo. Compare the logo on the watch with the logo on Seiko's website. Make sure that the spelling and font are exactly the same.
  5. Watch the hand motion.  Seiko watches are mechanical watches and the watch hands should have a smooth, sweeping motion. Replica watches are usually battery operated and have jerky movements.
  6. Take it to a jeweler. A professional jeweler will instantly be able to tell you whether or not your Seiko watch is authentic.
  7. Check the serial number.  Many fake Seiko watches have print above the serial number but authentic watches do not.



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