How To Spot A Fake Swiss Army Watch

If you own a Swiss Army watch or thinking about purchasing one, it is wise to know exactly how to spot a fake Swiss Army watch. Because Swiss Army watches are so well-made and sought after, counterfeiters are entering the market every day to sell their replica watches. It can be pretty hard to recognized the real from the fake if you aren't sure what to look for. This article will give your pointers to ensure that your hard earned money is not wasted on a fake Swiss Army watch.

  1. Research the origin. You have to be an authorized dealer in order to legally sell Swiss Army watches. If you are purchasing your watch online or through a dealer make sure that they are indeed authorized to sell this brand. If the seller can not verify any type of authorization, then chances are they are selling a fake Swiss Army Watch.
  2. Verify the serial number. All Swiss Army watches come with a unique serial number. If possible, take a photo of the serial number and send it to the company where they can verify if it is one of their serial numbers or not.
  3. Take it to your local professional jeweler. Jewelers are trained to spot fakes, especially on higher end items like Swiss Army watches. The jeweler will be able to quickly let you know whether or not your watch is real or fake.
  4. Examine the face of the watch. It should have the words "Victorinox" "Swiss Army" or "Victorinox Swiss Army" on it.
  5. Check the price. The saying "if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is" rings true here. Swiss Army watches are top of the line for quality and craftsmanship. If you spot a watch selling for a lot less then it is usually a replica.
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