How To Spot A Fake Tag Heuer

Learning how to spot a fake Tag Heuer is essential for those wanting to purchase these beautifully-crafted timepieces. These watches are highly sought after by collectors and the fashion conscious. As a result, a slew of fake Tag Heuer watches are becoming more available.

 To spot a fake Tag Heuer, you will need:

  • A sample Tag Heuer watch (genuine or fake)
  • Magnifying glass or Jeweler's loupe
  • A piece of cloth
  • A good light source
  • A sharp pair of eyes
  1. Find a comfortable place to examine the watch. Place your cloth on top of a table and place your watch there. Make sure you have a good light source. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, wear them as you will need to examine your watch very closely.
  2. Examine the overall finish. Although there are high-grade replicas, the majority of fake Tag Heuer watches are low quality bootlegs. Since these watches are usually mass produced in very rudimentary factories, the poor craftsmanship is often a dead giveaway. Dents, dings and scratches one of the first things to look at for brand new watches. A genuine Tag Heuer will always be in pristine condition when purchased new. Another indicator a misspelled name. Surprisingly, a number of bootleggers do not know how to correctly spell “Tag Heuer”.
  3. Check the dial. Even an older Tag Heuer will have a dial in near mint condition. A copy on the other hand, may show dust or even fingerprints. With a magnifying glass or jeweler's loupe, closely examine the face of your watch to see if there are such contaminants.
  4. Check the prints. After checking the quality of the dial finish, scrutinize the prints for any subpar printing. Tag Heuer's quality control should filter out any sloppy printing jobs. Any prints of letters or numbers must be sharp and defined. A typical fake will have an irregular print. Some may have fuzzy edges while others may even show some bleeding.
  5. Check the crown. Any real Tag Heuer, no matter what the model, will have the company logo on the crown. A bootleg copy usually have one glued to it. Other fakes have no logo or markings whatsoever. The watch must also wind smoothly without having any feeling of movement within the case.
  6. Check the luminosity. Tag Heuer watches employ a special substance called LumiNova. This allows users to read the time in complete darkness. Fake Tag Heuer watches will use a substandard material or use a substance that has no luminosity at all.
  7. If in doubt, go to an authorized dealer. While the majority of fakes are low quality watches, there are copies that are of the highest quality. These watches may be good enough to fool any novice so if purchasing from a source other than an authorized dealer, it may be best to have the watch authenticated before you buy.
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