How To Spot Fake True Religion Jeans

If you're a fan of True Religion jeans, then one thing you should know is how to spot fake True Religion jeans. Knock-off designer jeans are extremely popular with vendors, and sometimes it can be pretty tricky trying to distinguish between what is authentic and what is a replica. This article will show you exactly what to look for when searching for truly authentic True Religion jeans.

  1. Examine the stitching. True Religion jeans are some of the finest designer jeans on the market. Each dark orange stitch has to be perfect and precise in order to leave quality control. Check the stitching on the jeans. If the stitches are inconsistent, ragged or misaligned, then chances are it's a pair of fake True Religion jeans.
  2. Check for the horseshoe shape on the back pocket. Authentic True Religion jeans have well-defined, perfect horse-shoe stitching on the back pockets. Fake True Religion jeans do not have a horseshoe on the back pocket, or if they do, it is usually awkwardly shaped. If the stitching has a straight line below the horseshoe, it is indeed a knock-off.
  3. Check the price. True Religion jeans are made with great care, and therefore they are not cheap. If you find a brand new pair of True Religion jeans that is 50% off what they normally sell for, then they are probably fake.
  4. Check the pocket flaps. A pair of real True Religion jeans will have a deep V that is slightly curvy on the pocket flaps with stitching that stands out.
  5. Check the label. One thing that may appear the same with real and fake True Religion jeans is the label. Knock-off designers spend a lot of time trying to replicate the label perfectly since this is the main thing that people check. Although the labels make look the same, if you look closely you will be able to tell which label is sewn more precisely. Check the stitching around the label. Authentic True Religion jeans have perfect, even stitching, while knock-off versions have jagged or uneven stitching.
  6. Check the feel. Authentic True Religion jeans are soft to the touch, with a light and crisp wash. They have little whiskering on the hips and legs as opposed to fake True Religion jeans.

By following the tips above you will be able to thoroughly inspect your True Religion jeans to determine if they are authentic before wasting your hard-earned money.

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