How To Spot Fake Uggs

You won’t get gypped if you know how to spot fake Uggs. Real, authentic Uggs will keep your feet very warm, are lightweight and incredibly comfortable. Unfortunately there are many fakes out there trying to replicate Ugg boots. It’s easy to mistake a fake pair of Ugg boots for a real pair. These how-to tips will stop you from getting ripped off and buying fakes.

  1. Start out by checking the tag. If the tag has uneven stitching, it is fake. Also, the tag should be white, never blue, and have “Made in China” printed on the tag if they are real Uggs boots. In addition, the tag will be marked with a large G in the center. The shape of the G bows inward from the lower right. The inside tags will also have thicker lettering if they are real Uggs.
  2. Check the price. Genuine Uggs are expensive. Fake Uggs go for much less than that.
  3. Real Ugg boots come with a care booklet. This care booklet tells you how to treat your new Uggs. Authentic Uggs have nice printing in their booklet, and features raised embossed titles. Fake booklets can look almost as good; the only difference between the fake booklets and the real ones is that none of the text on the fake booklets is raised. If the Ugg boots do not come with a booklet at all it’s another sign that they are fake.
  4. Check out the fur on the Uggs. Genuine Uggs are made with real, high quality sheepskin. The color of the fur is a beige color. Fake Uggs feature fake sheepskin that is lighter in color and not nearly as soft as real sheepskin. So when you feel the fur, check to make sure it is fluffy and not scratchy.
  5. Examine the treads of the Ugg boots. Real Uggs will have a zig-zag pattern and you will notice triangles that point downwards from the toe. Fakes will have a solid distinct horizontal line that goes across where the triangles start on the sole of the boot. The key to spotting fake Uggs is finding the solid line, be sure to look for that.
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