How to Spot Fake Vintage Levi’s

Knowing how to spot fake vintage Levi's jeans can be valuable to any vintage collector. Whether you want to purchase vintage Levi's for yourself or looking to sell the jeans, it is very important to know which ones are authentic. There are thousands of companies who specialize in manufacturing counterfeit designer clothing. Unfortunately, these fakes can often look just like the real thing. Only a trained eye is able to spot the difference between fake Levi's and the real deal. Don't worry though, we are going to teach you everything you need to know about spotting fakes.

In order to spot fake vintage Levi's jeans, you will need:

  • Our tips
  • Attention to detail
  • The jeans
  • Computer
  1. Stamping. Levi's 501 jeans are the most common type subject to counterfeiting. With most fakes, the 501 will be stamped off-center or not even stamped at all.
  2. Check the fly. Fake vintage jeans usually have an elongated v-stitch on the fly. On fakes, the stitching will go past the button. With the authentic jeans, the stitch ends at the button. Stitching may be flimsy or loose on fakes.
  3. Look at the button. The 501 imprint on the button should be neat and straight. On fakes, the imprint will be poor.
  4. The rear patch can give it all away. On the fake Levi's jeans, the rear patch is normally made out of a hard, leathery material. Very few of the real Levi's have real leather patches or even leather-like patches. The printing on the label is usually off-center or misspelled with the fakes. In most cases, fakes will have "501-0657" printed in black ink on the patch. This should not be seen on any authentic jeans unless they are a pair of black 501s from the 1980s. If you see these numbers on any other pair, you know they are definitely fake. The stitching on the label with fakes is typically very crooked, too.
  5. Check photos. There are many pictures on the web of what authentic vintage Levi's should look like. Compare the suspect jeans to photos of confirmed authentic jeans.
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