How To Spot Fraudulent Postal Money Orders

Learn how to spot a fake postal money order before being a victim of a scam. No one wants to lose money. Today counterfeit currency is being passed at a level far surpassing numbers ever seen before.   The US Postal Service has provided information on their Website at indicating ways to check a money order to guarantee it's authenticity.  So, before you become a  victim of a scam or try to pass a counterfeit money order, check to ensure that the order is not fake.

  1. Check For Postal Security Features.  Postal money orders have been designed with different colored inks, watermarks and security threads embedded in the paper used for printing.  
  2. Special Ben Franklin Watermarks.  The printed Ben Franklin images are special watermarks that have been repeated on the left side of each money order from top to bottom.
  3. Vertical, Multicolored Thread.  Each money order is printed with a special vertical multicolored thread that weaves throughout the paper.  This thread is always placed to the right of Ben Franklins' image.  Hold the money order up near a light.  While holding it up, look for the thread by angling the money order.  When you see the thread it will appear as if it is alternating horizontal with light and dark bars shadowing behind it.  The letters USPS will appear behind that repeating from back to front. 
  4. Values are indicated in two locations on the money order. 
  5. Value of Authentic Domestic or Canadian money order is never more than $1000.  Value of an international money order is never more than $700.

If the order you are holding does not have these images, letters, designs and symbols it is not authentic.  Before giving the form back to the individual passing it, contact your local police or sheriff department.  

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