How To Spot Imitation Breitling Watches

You just bought one, and you want to figure out how to spot imitation Breitling watches. Breitling is a company that manufactures upper-class Swiss watches that was founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling, its namesake. Imitation Breitling watches have sprouted out everywhere, attempting to market the fake versions towards decidedly cheaper audiences. Unfortunately for the company and actual owners of the jewelry, imitation Breitling watches pose a significant economic threat.

Check out what you will need to spot imitation Breitling watches:

  • A genuine Breitling to compare with
  • A magnifying glass


  1. Look for the embossed logo. When comparing your actual article to the imitation Breitling watches out there, it is important to know that most fakes simply stamp their logo on. Breitling corporation embosses their company logo onto the timepiece, giving it a truly authentic signature. Use a magnifying glass if it is too hard to spot the difference with the naked eye.
  2. Engravings, engravings, engravings. Manufacturer details such as engravings are easy to notice on authentic Breitling pieces. On imitation Breitling watches, however, laser and hand crafted markings are absent.
  3. Take a look at the center pin. The middle of the timepiece should be a (usually) silver pin that holds the hour, minute, and second hands all together. The hands and pin are all the same color. You can easily spot imitation Breitling watches by taking note of the different colors. If the pin is not the same color as the hands, or it is black, it's not authentic.
  4. Links should have logos. If not actual logos, Breitling co. puts markings on the backside of their links. If there are engravings absent from your timepiece, there's a good chance that its one of the imitation Breitling watches out there.

Above all, there is a general lack in attention to detail with imitation Breitling watches. You can easily spot these imitation Breitling watches by being especially careful of things that lack the intricate signatures of the company,

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