How To Spot Lying Women

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn about how to spot lying women. Learning how to spot a lying women is a great trait to have, not only in relationship, but also in the workplace – not to mention in a wide variety of other situations. Be sure to read the nonverbal signals of each woman you talk to, for optimal results in determining how to spot lying women.

  1. Lying women look to the side. This is a classic sign that a woman is lying. People who have nothing to hide will have no difficulty looking the person to whom they are speaking directly in the eye. If  the woman looks to the side, be on high alert.
  2. Lying women play with their hair. This is another common sign that the woman you are communicating with is lying to you. Twisting, pulling, and in general playing with her hair is a classic symptom of nervousness and general unease.
  3. Lying women blush. Often, when people are afraid of getting caught in a lie, they begin to blush. When telling a lie, a person's heart rate may increase. This can result in an increased amount of blood flow to the face, resulting in a flushed complexion.
  4. Lying women stutter. Finally, stuttering is commonly linked to lying. People who stutter may be concerned that you will ask them additional questions about the matter being discussed. If a person is stuttering, and has no prior history of the condition, you can suspect the person of lying.
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