How To Spot Moose Poop

When taking a walk through the woods, you may want to know how to spot moose poop. The last thing you want to do is stop and clean off your nice new hiking boots because you stepped in a pile of moose poop.

Learning how to spot moose poop can also help you track and find moose. This is a fun activity especially if you are going to shoot pictures of them rather than shoot at them. 

You can find out a lot about a moose from their poop. For instance, checking the temperature, consistency (soft, hard, wet), and color of the poop can tell you how long ago was the moose there. You may even be able to tell what that particular moose was eating. Leaves and grass make for loose poops while bark, twigs and berries make for pellet like poops. Some grasses, bark and berries do not digest in the colon and are easily seen in the poop. You can even tell a bit about the health of the moose by checking the texture and amount of poop. Moose poop does not have a strong odor, as they are vegetarians or herbivores.

  1. Look in areas that Moose inhabit. It’s kind of hard to spot moose poop where there are no moose. Moose can be found in northern U.S. states such as Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and Maine. Moose can also be found in Canada. Moose can be found in large growth forests with aspen, spruce and willow thickets. They often bed down in small stands of trees. They drink, eat catkins, grass and swim in ponds, graze in open fields, and eat bark, leaves off young trees.
  2. Follow their tracks. Moose have split hooves that look like a teardrop split into two and are about five inches long. The tip of the teardrop points in the direction that the moose is walking.
  3. Know what moose poop looks like. Moose poop looks different in the spring and summer than it does in the fall and winter. In the summer moose eat a lot of grass which makes their poop look a lot like cow poop, a five to ten inch round-ish pile about two to three inches high with some lumps. In the winter moose eat a more fibrous diet of bark and leaves, which makes their poop, look like a pile of large one to two inch oblong pellets.
  4. Look in places where moose at most likely to poop. Moose poop is generally found in the woods or at the edge of a stand of trees, in the grass around ponds or maybe even your backyard. Like us, they do not like to poop out in the open where they could be attacked by a predator while being otherwise disposed.

Even if you never spot any moose poop, you’ve hopefully had a healthy, safe and fun walk in the woods. Paying attention to animal tracks and scat (poop) can be a true learning experience and lead to wonderful animal sightings and adventures. 


  • Never hike or hunt alone. Always tell someone exactly where you will be. If you are lucky enough to spot a moose maintain a safe distance and do not approach a calf (young moose) or an adult.
  • Never approach a moose while it is pooping. They may look mellow and friendly but they can charge and injure humans or other animals if they feel threatened.

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