How To Spot Repressed Homosexuality

Knowing how to spot repressed homosexuality is something that can be very difficult. Usually, it’s not possible unless you know the person very well and spend a lot of time with him. Repressed homosexuality can take many forms, and how your friend acts depends on his individual personality and circumstances.

  1. Learn more about homosexuality. Before you can spot repressed homosexuality, you need to learn more about it. It’s more than just being attracted physically to members of the same sex. It’s also about forming meaningful, loving relationships and sharing your life with a partner. If your friend is repressing homosexual feelings, then these will be a part of them.
  2. Think about your friend’s dating habits. If you’re friend has repressed homosexual feelings, then he probably won’t be able to have a long, meaningful relationship with someone of the opposite gender. However, keep in mind that there are homosexual people who are married to someone of the opposite gender for many years before they fully come to terms with their homosexuality.
  3. Talk with the person’s other friends and family members. This should only be done if you are concerned about your friend, such as if you think depression or suicide are a possibility. Prying into their life should only be done out of love and respect, not to satisfy your curiosity. Other friends and family members may be able to spot the repressed homosexuality better than you can.
  4. Have an honest discussion about the repressed homosexuality. Again, you should tread lightly here. If your friend is not a homosexual or not ready to talk about it, you could cause a problem by bringing it up. However, if you are concerned or if you think your friend will handle it well, talking to them about the possibility of repressed homosexuality can be the best way to spot it.
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