How To Spot A Single Woman

If you're looking for a date among women you don't know, you'll want to know how to spot a single woman. Here are some things to look for.

  1. Scope the hand. The single most important way to tell if a woman is single is by checking her ring finger. Don't even think about hitting on her until you've done this. True, not all married people wear rings, and it won't help you with women who are engaged or in serious relationships, but it's a good first step.
  2. Check her out. Most women like to get dressed up to go out. However, you can spot a single woman because she'll go the extra mile when it comes to clothes, make up, and accessories. A woman away from her significant other usually won't be as flashy, because she won't want to attract unwanted male attention.
  3. See who she's with. If she's with a bunch of girls, she may be single, or she may be on a girl's night out. If you see her talking to a bunch of different guys, there's a good chance she's single. If she's lavishing her attention on one guy, they may or may not be dating, but chances are you haven't got much of a shot.
  4. Pay attention to who she's paying attention to. If she's sitting at the bar alone, and not looking at any of the men around her, chances are she has a significant other. If she's sitting alone and sneaking glances at other people at the bar, she's probably single. Likewise, if she's in a group and you see her making eye contact with people outside of the group, she's probably a single woman.
  5. Make eye contact. This is a great way to spot a single woman without having to physically approach her. Look at her until you catch her eye, and then smile. If she doesn't smile back, or quickly looks away, she's not single (or not interested). If she does smile before looking away, keep your eye on her. If she's interested in meeting someone, she'll look back in your direction eventually. And then you'll know you can move in to seal the deal.
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