How To Spot Stolen Goods

Want to learn how to spot stolen goods? Because receiving stolen goods is a crime, you want to be able to spot stolen goods when you encounter them. Read on for more information on how to pick these items out.

How to Spot Stolen Goods:

  1. Unreal Pricing. Because stolen goods are, well, stolen, they are usually priced very low. The thief got them for free by stealing, so any price to a customer will result in a profit for the criminal. So, if someone offers you goods at a rate that is way below the retail value, you need to wonder where they acquired these items from.
  2. The Items. Certain items have "stolen goods" written all over them. For example, items are usually small and portable but relatively high in value. They are items that could be easily stolen to be sold for profit. Examples are laptops, cameras, dvd players, jewelry, watches, iPods and cds. Anything that could be stolen from a car or apartment should set off red flags in your mind.
  3. The Seller. Most people buy goods from a store, on sale, if they are looking for a good deal. If someone approaches you on the street, in a parking lot or at a party and offers you items for sale, then chances are they are stolen goods. People who steal items don't usually set up a garage sale to sell them- although they do set up online auctions. So, if you're buying online you should be on the lookout for stolen goods.
  4. Lack of Packaging. If an item is stolen from a car or home, there will be no box or paperwork for it. Unless a thief steals a packaged item directly from a store, stolen goods are usually used items that lack packaging and supporting directions and manufacturer's guides.

Now you know how to spot stolen goods. Look for items that are very low priced, and are small and portable yet valuable. Be especially careful if you encounter someone offering jewelry or electronics on the street. Additionally, stolen goods usually lack any packaging and back-up documentation, such as a camera with no user's guide. Keep yourself out of heat by being able to spot stolen goods when you encounter them.

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