How To Spot A Tourist

One of the best ways of learning how not to look like a tourist when traveling is figuring out how to spot a tourist. Looking like a tourist might make you more vulnerable to crime in certain parts of the world. It may also prevent you from making friends with locals. Indeed, it is always best to “blend in with the crowd” when traveling to foreign countries.

  1. Research current fashion trends in the place you’re going. You’ll know how to spot a tourist when you see someone dressed like a total outsider. In some instances, you might even have to “dress down”—wearing clothes that are totally unfashionable in your hometown—in order to blend in with the local populace.
  2. Determine if they are wearing a t-shirt or other merchandise from local tourist shops. If you see someone wearing an I Heart NYC shirt in NYC, he is probably not a real New Yorker. This is an easy way to spot a tourist.
  3. Check to see if the individual has a camera hanging around her neck. This is usually a dead-giveaway that a person is there to tour the sites. In fact, some might say that this is the most obvious way how to spot a tourist.
  4. Notice if the person is carrying a map. This is especially true if it looks like one of the standard tourist maps for sale in the area. If they are carrying a map, have a camera around their neck, and look lost, then…okay, you already know how to spot a tourist!
  5. Ask the person for directions. How to spot a tourist? If they cannot tell you where to go–or take out a map–then you are probably dealing with one.
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