How To Spot A Transsexual Post Op

When you see a person and wonder about their sexual identity, it can leave you wondering how to spot a transsexual post op person. The reasons for this are mostly social. You don't want to say the wrong thing and harm their feelings or you simply are curious about it. No matter what the reason, there are ways to tell.

  1. When a person has a transsexual operation, they do things in stages. The first stage is hormonal therapy. This prepares their body for the surgery that they are about to have. You'll notice that they have many features of the sex that the transsexual is attempting to achieve. These features are easily seen as being fake however. For example, you will notice that a man that is attempting to be a woman will still have very thin hips. You can spot a transsexual post op by their sexual variances like that.
  2. A man that is becoming a woman will have an Adams apple at first. Even when they have their surgeries, they will still have that. It is very noticeable.
  3. Another thing to notice is their masculine hands. Women have small hands in general. Even post op a transsexual will still have larger hands.
  4. The last thing to notice about a transsexual post op is their voice. Even after hormone therapy and the surgeries, a masculine voice remains unchanged. Their voice will sound like the original sex. This is true even if they try to hide it. That is how you spot a transsexual post op.



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