How To Spray Paint Art

If you’ve always wanted to create paintings, learning how to spray paint art is the best way to start. The technique of layering wet paint to create art can only be achieve with spray paint and the wetness of the paint makes it easy to smear or scrape shapes into the painted background. With spray paint art you can form landscapes, seascapes or fantasy lands without having to master the art of painting first. Here are the tricks that make learning how to spray paint art so easy and yet so rewarding.

What you’ll need:

  • Green, blue, white, purple, black spray paint for seascapes
  • Red, orange, yellow, white, black, purple for sunsets
  • Green, brown, sand, purple, blue, white, black for landscapes
  • Pot lid
  • Decorative objects of your choice
  • Strong paper (like a magazine cover)
  • Blunt knife
  1. Spray paint shapes. Instead of mastering the art of painting objects by hand, create their outline using objects. Place the lid of pot on a your canvas and spray paint over it to create the outline of a moon or sun. Create a painting of antique keys by placing decorative keys on your canvas and spray painting over them. Cut shapes out of cardboard, such as the outline of a staircase seen from the side, then spray paint over the cardboard. The beauty of learning how to spray paint art is the ease with which you can translate any object into a two dimensional silhouette on your canvas.
  2. Create multi-colored images. The most enchanting aspect of spray painting art lies in color blending. Spray paint one layer of color, then another over it but flowing a little blow it. Add a third color overlapping the second by spilling further down. As you spray paint art, your canvas will reveal a rainbow of visible and hidden hues. Now place an object over this cascading rainbow and spray paint it in dark paint, such as black or purple. Once the object is removed, the imprint of the object will remain, painted in the mixed array of colors.
  3. Etch patterns in the colors. While your rainbow of colors is still wet, enhance the beauty of your spray paint art by etching patterns with the tip of a blunt knife. When you hold the knife upright, the etching will remove most of the painted layers, but if you hold the knife at an angle and work with gentle strokes, only one layer will be removed, revealing a smear of the bottom ones. As you learn how to spray paint, let your imagination guide your hands and you will soon discover your favorite etching technique.
  4. Smear shapes in color. Spray paint art is so easy for beginners because it opens the door to painting landscapes and seascapes by simple smearing. After spray painting a few layers of blue intermixed with white and green, take a strip of strong paper (like a magazine cover) and slide it down the canvas in quick vertical motions, like falling water. Allow the lines to curve a little as you smear them. You’ll find that you have just learned how to spray paint a waterfall. In the same manner, but with horizontal lines, you can learn how to spray paint a sky, a sunset or a sea.
  5. Add a dramatic border to your art. Enclose the art you drew with a painted border by once again placing an object over your canvas. Use a large pot lid to encircle your painting or a picture frame to create a rectangular border. By spray painting over the object, you will darken the exposed canvas without affecting the painting itself. After lifting the object, a spray painted border will emerge around your art.


  • The one rule you must keep in mind when learning how to spray paint art is the fragility of your canvas. If you accidentally touch any part of your painting while it is still wet, you will leave a mark. Therefore, take care when you place objects over the canvas. And be prepared to spray paint over unintended smudges.
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