How To Spray Paint Metal Side View Mirrors

If you’ve ever wondered how to spray paint metal side view mirrors, you’ll be glad to know that the task is simple, inexpensive and does not require much time. Best of all, you can spray paint your side view mirrors yourself and save money.

To spray paint a metal side view mirror, you will need:

  • Tape
  • Sheets
  • Painter’s plastic
  • A paint stripper
  • A paint brush
  • A putty knife
  • Primer
  • Spray paint
  1. Protect the car and the mirror. Use tape and painter’s plastic or old sheets to cover the body on the car. Preferably, cover the hood and side panels. If it’s windy, you can get over-spray on the body, which can be difficult to remove. Don’t forget to tape off the mirror as well.
  2. Apply a paint stripper. Apply paint stripper with a brush or a sponge to the metal side view mirror to remove the old paint. Use the stripper in a well-ventilated area, as it produces fumes. Allow the product time to loosen the paint. Follow the directions on the can.
  3. Prepare the surface. Use a putty knife or metal spatula to scrape off all the old paint. If the surface feels rough, sand it lightly with medium grade sand paper until the surface is smooth. Prime the metal with a spray primer to create adhesion and prevent the spray paint from peeling off.
  4. Spray paint the metal side view mirror. Spray paint the side view mirror with spray paint formulated for metal surfaces. Otherwise, it will scratch easily and could peel off. Match the spray paint color to the original mirror’s paint color. Hold the spray can approximately five to seven inches away from the surface so you don’t leave runs or other imperfections on the painted surface. Apply steady pressure on the spray can as you spray the paint from side to side until you cover the entire mirror encasement. You may need to apply multiple coats. Allow the paint to dry between coats.

That’s all there is to painting a car’s metal side view mirror. The task does not take long, but it can improve your car’s appearance, and even increase its value if you’re thinking of selling it.



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