How To Spray Paint Plastic

When revamping the look of outdoor furniture you may want to know how to spray paint plastic. By spray painting your plastic outdoor furniture you can lend it another lease on life and save you a couple of bucks in the end. A fresh coat of paint will also change the look of your outdoor living space and liven up the area.

To spray paint plastic, you will need:

  • spray paint (there is spray paint that is specifically made for plastic)
  • bucket
  • sponge
  • newspaper or plastic


  1. Preparation. Prepare the plastic surfaces you are going to spray paint. Paint will not adhere to dirty plastic. Using hot soapy water and a sponge or brush, clean the plastic surfaces. Let dry completely, preferably overnight.
  2. Painting. Before you start spray painting plastic furniture be sure to line the area with either newspaper or plastic to protect the surrounding surfaces from getting ruined. Read the manufacturer directions on the spray paint can. Shake the can well. When starting to spray paint keep can approximately 18-inches away from the surface that is being painted. Multiple light even coats are better than think dripping coats. Let paint dry and apply another coat. Repeat again if needed.
  3. Tips. When spray painting plastic never start or stop painting on the surface. Start painting before the nozzle passes the furniture and finish after the nozzle has passes the edge of the furniture. Starting and stopping on the surface will produce thick and heavy spots in the paint. Paint in even rows back and forth covering the entire surface.
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