How To Spray Paint Your BMX Bike

If you are tired of having the same old BMX bike color, take some time to learn how to spray paint your BMX bike.  The following instructions to spray painting your bike may be lengthy or time consuming but they will make the bike look much better, and more desirable, especially if this bike has been around for awhile.  First the things you will need are.

  • Several sheets of sandpaper with various grit.
  • Some cans of whatever type of spray paint you want.
  • Primer if you want it to last longer.
  • lacquer if you also want it to last longer, protect more, and look better.

In order to paint your BMX  bike, follow these rules to the extent of your budget.

  1. First remove any parts you don't want painted. You may also want to tape off areas that do not need paint removed or applied to it. These taped off areas may include the housing of the crank-shaft, or areas of removed items such as fork where the paint would otherwise rub.
  2. Sand off the old layer of paint on the bike. You will want to sand the old layer of paint off as much as is physically reasonable, without damaging the bike. Some bikes are made of carbon or types of graphite that could be damaged if sanded to thoroughly.
  3. Hang the BMX bike to be painted or primed. Where and how you hang your bike to be painted can make a large difference. You will want the area to be well ventilated and large enough to keep from getting paint on anything you don't want it on. You want the area you paint your BMX bike in, to not be too large or drafty as the paint would spray further and unpredictably.
  4. If you have the budget apply primer to prep the bike for paint. If you do not have as much money, or the project is not critical, you may paint your BMX bike at this point. You will want to apply several layer of primer and then paint. Between priming and painting you will want to sand down the surface with softer sand paper than before. Make sure you wait between 15-30 minutes when applying coats. Wait about 24 hours after you prime or paint your BMX bike for a drier surface to work with.
  5. Apply any stickers or artwork to the bike and then lacquer it. Lacquer can keep the stickers on after for a long time after you paint your BMX bike, as well as protect the paint and make it look much better. Wait another 24 hours for this to dry, preferably in the place that you hung to apply the lacquer. Now simply put the bike back together and take it for a ride. You should tune the bike up first, or get it tuned so that it is in good working order and safe.
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