How To Spy On Your Wife

There is no way to put a positive on wanting to learn how to spy on your wife. Only one of two results can occur from such an action, and neither is positive. Either she is a cheating, lying, untrustworthy spouse, or you are a paranoid, obsessive, suspicious husband. This is why it is advisable for you to consider the consequences of your actions before you continue to learn how to spy on your wife. If you feel that you can handle living with the outcome, then perhaps these few simple tips and steps will help you along with your quest of proving your wife’s infidelity.

  1. Before you begin learning how to spy on your wife, you need to understand the consequences of such a drastic measure. Wanting to spy is a sign of distrust in your relationship. No relationship can survive without trust. If you really hope to save your marriage, consider seeing a marriage counselor instead.  This is a great way to open up the lines of communication, and rebuild that bond of trust. 
  2. If you still want to spy on your wife after considering the consequences, you will need to be incognito. You do not want to alert your wife to your suspicions. This will only cause her to act differently, and she may even attempt to cover up her actions more thoroughly. To avoid this, continue to act and behave normally. Do not treat your wife in a malicious or suspicious manner. 
  3. When your spy on your wife, the computer is an obvious place to begin your search. Emails are great gateways into your wife’s psyche, but passwords are often a roadblock. You can, however, check the computer history and check the history of cookies. You may even be able to set her email so it saves any messages to a separate unknown file. Also, be aware that she may be using a separate alias to log into the computer. You can easily check this by right clicking the user name space at the log in screen; this will give you a list of the most recent users. 
  4. Check her car. If you and your wife have separate vehicles, she may be using her car as a secret hiding place. Think about it; when was the last time you were in her car for any significant amount of time? Take advantage of any opportunity to search her car for suspicious or incriminating evidence. 
  5. Check random places in your house. There are most likely places in your house you never look: drawers, closets and even certain bedrooms. Your wife probably understands this, and she could be using this knowledge as a way to stash her secrets. So, start examining your home more closely. Check for hiding places that you may have overlooked. 
  6. Hire a tail to spy on your wife. You cannot follow your wife without arousing suspicion. Plain and simple, she will see you. To get around this, you can hire a private investigator to follow your wife around. If you cannot afford one, consider asking a close friend.
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