How To Squeeze Her Breast

If you don’t know how to squeeze her breasts, you need to learn. The breasts are like a central nerve pack for a woman. An extreme amount of pleasure can be drawn by squeezing her breast, and it can get her ready for more intimate activities.

  1. Get your lady in the mood: Slowly kiss her, all over her lips, neck and shoulders. Slide your hands under her shirt, and slowly caress her breasts through her shirt.
  2. Take her shirt off, and kiss her breasts. Continue to massage them within the bra, and then slowly pull out on breasts. Gently lick the nipple, and then roll it gently between your fingers. Unhook the bra from behind, and allow the other breast to fall out as you pull the bra away.
  3. Hold both her breasts in your hands, and alternate between each breast as you flick the nipples with your tongue. Suck on each nipple with your mouth, as you plan with the other nipple with your fingers.
  4. Pour a little oil or lotion on the breasts, and massage the entire breast. Rub your hands all over the breasts, and gently squeeze and manipulate the breast. The skin under the breast is very sanative, so pay attention there.
  5. Focus on the nipples. This is the hot spot location of the upstairs feel good region, and will bring her the most please. Use gentle pressure and every part of your body you can imagine to stimulate her breasts.


  • As you squeeze her breasts, ask her what she liked and doesn’t like so you can tailor what she wants.
  • The breasts are sensitive. Make sure you are gentle with them at all times.  
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