How To Squeeze Into A Wetsuit

If you are planning a vacation near the ocean, is it necessary to learn how to squeeze into a wetsuit. Wetsuits are designed to help keep your body warm while in water, which allows you to spend more time perfecting water sports. Keep in mind that wetsuits are super tight, and taking your time following these steps will help ensure that your coolness factor remains unharmed while putting a wetsuit on. 

  1. Get the right size. You must make sure that you have a  wetsuit in the right sizing. A suit that is too small will be impossible to put on. In contrast, a wetsuit that is too large will not provide help your body stay warm. 
  2. In order to squeeze into a wetsuit, you must start from the bottom. Step into the wetsuit one foot at a time. Once both your feet are in, pull the wetsuit up over your legs.  Make sure to tug on the suit gently to smooth out any wrinkles in the suit.
  3. Next, pull the wetsuit up over your hips. Stretch the suit up as much as you can gently. Pull up the wetsuit so that the arms are at the right height. Do not be shy about squeezing the wetsuit up, for your comfort, it needs to fit well at your crotch.
  4. Place your arms, one at a time, inside the suit.  You will have to finagle your hands through the tight openings. Use a closed fist in a punching motion while tugging on the sleeve opening with your other arm. Make sure that the arms come up all the way to your armpits. This will ensure you will have the mobility you need to look cool during your water sports.
  5. Finally zip the wetsuit up. Once you are finished, offer your wetsuit expertise for anyone who is still struggling to put their suit on. Use your manners and offer to zip up anyone's suit if they need help (cute girls for instance).

Do not pull the wetsuit up too fast.  This could cause it to tear leaving you to foot the bill for a new one.  In addition, do not force the zipper to zip up.  If you cannot zip up the suit, it is probably too small.

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