How To Stain Furniture To A Dark Antique Look

Knowing how to stain furniture to a dark antique look can completely transform the wooden furniture in almost any room of the house. Various techniques are available to achieve this look, and each is quite different. However, this particular method for staining furniture often yields professional-looking results. Commonly referred to as antique wood graining, this involves both sanding and staining the furniture.

To stain furniture to a dark antique look, you will need:

  • A grain comb
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Base paint
  • Wood stain
  • A water-based top coat
  • A small paint brush
  1. Clean the surface. This step may be omitted if not necessary. Wax buildup, dust and other elements can alter the final finish if not removed prior to starting. If you must clean the furniture prior to staining, it should be allowed to completely dry before beginning this project.
  2. Apply the base coat. Adequately applying the base coat is necessary to stain furniture to a dark, antique look. It is recommended to apply two coats of this product evenly to the surface of the furniture. Allow both coats to fully dry before going on to the next step.
  3. Sand the furniture. After making sure that the base coat has dried, you may sand the surface. While different types of sandpaper may be used, experts recommend that you use the finest available. Lightly dust any debris from the furniture.
  4. Apply the top coat. The top coat should be applied after sanding the furniture. This is necessary to stain the furniture to a dark antique shade without altering the color. One coat is all that is necessary in this step, but additional coats can be used if desired. Each coat should be allowed to dry for a few hours, though.
  5. Add the stain. The stain is ready to be applied after all other coats have sufficiently dried. This should be done with the small paint brush in even strokes. After the entire surface has been covered, it should be allowed to set. It does not have to dry and a few minutes should be adequate.
  6. Remove some of the stain. This is where the grain comb comes in. To achieve the dark antique look with graining, you should scrape to the first initial coats. This creates the appearance of antique grain.
  7. Apply more top coat. To complete the furniture stain, apply a few more coats of top paint. Graining between coats is optional. If the desired look isn't dark enough, repeat steps four through six, allowing for drying time until the perfect dark antique look is attained.
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