How To Stain A Guitar Body

Are you wondering how to stain a guitar body? When staining a guitar body, choose if you will use a stain, dye stain or oil. Whether this is a first stain or a re-staining, simple techniques will ensure a beautiful finish on your guitar.

  1. Make sure the guitar is free of all stain if you are re-staining your guitar a lighter shade. If you are re-staining the same or a darker color, you do not need to sand away too much to stain a guitar body.
  2. If you are going to stain a soft wood or wood that stains unevenly, use pre-stain. Apply pre-stain liberally to the guitar body.
  3. Apply the stain. Make sure the stain, gel stain or dye stain is applied evenly. Rub into the grain, going with the grain for an awesome effect. Use bleached 100% cotton cloth to stain if you are using an oil stain, and rub into the grain of the guitar body.
  4. If spots or splotches appear after the stain dries, do not panic. Make sure you allow enough time for the stain to dry completely. Use fine grit sand paper over the area where the spots appear. Sand until you are sure the coating is off so as not to block the stain's ability to absorb. Use bleached 100% cotton cloth and lightly moisten it with the stain. Wipe the end of the cloth gently against tissue paper until it is almost dry. Rub the cloth on the spotted area of the guitar body.
  5. Re-apply the stain to the guitar body. If using an oil stain the process merely needs to be repeated. Or use normal stain, finishing by rubbing with tung oil.



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