How To Stain Guitar Nut And Bridges

How to stain a guitar nut or bridge is a big question because they are the relatively same process, assuming they are both wood, and it is a pretty simple process if you’ve ever stained anything. Although it is a relatively easy process if you do it right, staining any part of the guitar incorrectly could be a devastating disaster because you could easily discolor your guitar paint or ruin the electronics if stain gets into them. With that in mind, it’s time to stain your guitar nut or bridge!

To stain a guitar nut and bridge, you will need:

  • Old newspaper
  • A wood stain (most guitar nuts and bridges are hardwood, so keep that in mind when buying the stain)
  • Cloth
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Paint stirrer
  1. The first step to staining your guitar nut or bridge is to surround the working area on the guitar with newspaper. Use the scissors to cut the paper if it is to big to make sure things don’t get messy before you even begin! It is suggested that you cover all open areas on the guitar within half a foot at minimum of newspaper.
  2. Now, you will want to clean the guitar part you are planning on staining. Because debris and dirt can easily ruin hard work, make sure to scrub off the cake on spots with the cloth! Dampening the cloth will make it easier to get the grime of but make sure the cloth isn’t sopping wet.
  3. The next step to staining the aforementioned guitar parts is to stir the stain. This is to make sure the stain will be mixed well so it will give the best looking results. You can use the paint stirrer for this part of the job.
  4. Now using the brush, apply the stain to the bridge and nut of the guitar. Be generous with the stain, but also spread it evenly and make sure not to leave other areas uncovered. Also make sure that if your newspaper moves while working, that you move it back to avoid any accidents that will make the process any longer!
  5. Now let the stain dry for a few hours. Make sure it is fully dry before doing any other work on the guitar because you don’t want to waste that hard work and a new set of strings by putting them on to early and getting stain on them!


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