How To Stalefish Snowboard

The stalefish grab is pretty sick move and learning how to stalefish snowboard will certainly add some variety to your bag o’ tricks. As with any grab, you’ll need to get airborne to perform a stalefish on a snowboard. This is how we do it.

  1. Choose your launch pad. It’s always a good idea to do a test run over the terrain before attempting new tricks. Performing a stalefish on a snowboard puts your body in an awkward position, so it’s best to be familiar with the jump or halfpipe before you try it.
  2. Visualize the grab. Since the stalefish grab isn’t really very natural, it might help  to visualize what you are going to do before you actually attempt the trick.
  3. Approach the jump with some speed. As you should already know, speed is key for any air.
  4. Hit the jump and launch into the air. You probably shouldn’t try any rotation your first time attempting to do a stalefish on a snowboard. So just hit the thing straight on and try to focus on nailing the grab.
  5. Reach down with your trailing arm and grab your heel edge between the bindings. It helps to pull your legs in to avoid an awkward tweaking of the back. Yes, this is a strange position.
  6. Straightening out you back leg a bit while holding a stalefish grab adds a bit of style to the trick. Be careful not to disorient yourself while in the air.
  7. Spot your landing, release the grab, and ride away. Congratulations, you can now do a stalefish on a snowboard.



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