How To Stalk Deer

Ok all you fledgling hunter out there, learning how to stalk deer isn't a skill you can just learn over night. To stalk deer well, to truly stalk deer well, you need to understand your prey. Running out into the middle of a forest with your gun spraying buckshot everywhere isn't stalking deer. No, stalking deer, or any animal for that matter is far more cerebral than one might think. There are certain techniques that can be learned and utilized to greatly increase your hunting effectiveness. Like we said, you won't be able to master them over night, but these skills will help you track down your prey. Here's how you should go about stalking deer.

  1.  Find out what they like to eat. All animals are ruled by their stomachs. If they don't eat, they don't survive. It's also not biologically efficient for an animal that grazes like a deer to have to travel miles and miles to feed. Knowing this, the first steps to stalking a deer starts before you even reach the woods. Understand what they enjoy eating and use that as your starting point once you reach the hunting grounds. Deer like alfalfa soy beans and corn. This doesn't mean you can just fine a patch of corn sit next to it and wait for a herd of deer to come running up to you. They're animals but they're not stupid. It means that now you know what areas to focus your hunt on. Oh, you'll still have to stalk the deer but at least you wont be wandering around aimless in the woods.
  2. Give them what they like. If you happen to be in an area that doesn't grow much of the deer's preferred delicacies then you should supply your prey with their last meal. Creating little plots of food in areas that you take note of is an easy way to bring the deer to you. This will take some time however. You cant just pour a pile of corn on the ground and expect the deer to show up. No you have to build an actual food plot. It's of the considerable size of about an acre. You cant bait the animals because in most places its illegal to do so. But, creating a food plot will naturally attract more game to your area over time.
  3. Going after the deer. This isn't a fast paced game. Hunting deer is a patient man's activity. Sure you can go and buy attraction sprays and camouflage and a number of other items to help you once you get closer to the a deer. None of that will help, however, if you can't get to the deer. The primary tool you have in stalking the deer correctly is your walk. Hunters have come up with a walk that greatly minimizes the sound you make when approaching an animal. Deer have super sensitive hearing and the can pick up on the normal human walk a mile away. We walk heavy naturally because we walk heel to toe. Instead try crouching low and walking toe to heel. It's a lighter walking form and it minimizes the noise we make. Remember, you still have to walk at a slower pace, but you'll get to your prey a more efficiently. Now all you have to worry about is shooting your gun.
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