How To Stall On A Snowboard

Learning how to stall on a snowboard is a universal trick. It is used by many showmen for a stop action or stall, for posing. Stalling is a fun and quick mid-point in trick progression that is used by professional and amateur alike. There are four basic types of stalls but all require the same action to stick the stall. These stall tricks are nose-pick, board stall, tail-block and nose-block. As mentioned, each of these stalls requires the same activity to pull it off.  Stalling on a snowboard is simply stopping in place before you go on to the next move. Stalling is all about balance and timing. Knowing when to stall and maintaining your balance. During a trick sequence, perform a stall. This is best done between tricks. For example, performing an Ollie to a Japan grab, between these two tricks you stall, using one of the four common stalls mentioned above. So, Ollie into a nose-pick (stall) then to the Japan grab.

  1. Nose-Pick: Perform a nose press, whether that is on a rail or apex of a half-pipe. Stall for a moment as you perform an Indy grab. Release the snowboard and jump pack moving into the next trick.
  2. Board-Stall: Perform a stall on a rail or apex of a half-pipe balancing the snowboard between the bindings, centering the snowboard.
  3. Tail-Block: Stall on the tail of the snowboard, knees bent with your hand grabbing the nose of the snowboard.
  4. Nose-Block: Stall on the nose of the snowboard, knees bent with your hand grabbing the tail of the snowboard.



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