How To Stand Up On A Surfboard

Knowing how to stand up on a surfboard is all about practice.  If you are dedicated and totally into surfing, you will eventually find the method that works best for you.  When you are trying to figure out how to stand up on a surfboard, the most important thing to remember is you should never actually stand up straight.  You will lose your balance so never lock your knees.  Everyone stands up a little different but there are two basic approaches to the pop up.

To stand up on a surfboard, you will need:

  • A surfboard
  • Love
  1. The easy way.  This is the most popular method and probably the easiest.  When you feel the wave grab the board and things start to speed up, get ready.  You want to grab the sides of your surfboard (or rails) in the same spot you would do a push up.  This should be just a bit beneath your shoulders.  In one fluid motion, you will push up with both arms, bring your knees up towards your chest and hop up onto your feet.  Stay low to keep your balance and lean forward a little to add to the forward momentum.
  2. The awkward way.  It is natural to want to get on your knees as the surfboard travels forward but in the long run, it will be much easier to simply pop up onto your feet.  You will mostly see people who are a bit thicker, older or injured doing this maneuver.  It is similar to the easy way, but you use one knee to steady yourself before popping up.  Grab the sides of your board in the push up position and extend your arms.  Now slide one knee forward and kneel on it to steady yourself.  Swing the other knee forward and use this foot to plant yourself and stand up.


  • You don’t have to practice on the beach in front of other people like a surf school donkey but you should practice the pop up somewhere.  Do this over and over until it becomes natural because you will not have time to think when you are dropping into a wave.  You want instinct to take over.  
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