How to Stand Up While Surfing

One of the most challenging feats for beginner surfers is to lean how to stand up while surfing. While most are convinced that they will sink once weight is applied to the surfing board, mother nature has a different opinion and continues to keep surfers wave riding all over the world. Let's take a look at how to stand up while surfing.

  1. Practice on the beach. Lay on the sand and do a pushup. Then use your hands to hop onto your feet. Do this repeatedly (on your surfboard preferably) to prepare yourself for what you will do in the water. Also, try to establish what foot will stand in the front and balance the rest of your body.  Try to establish a connection with the ocean and let it bring a inner calm within.
  2. Catch a wave. Paddle out to your destination and find a wave to hop on. Don't worry, there are lots to chose from. When you feel the momentum of your surfboard going faster than your paddling then you are ready to jump on top. Initially, this step might cause anxiety but it will get easier as time goes on.
  3. Just do it! Whenever you are ready, firmly grasp the rails and push yourself up quickly. Don't worry, the waves will hold you up. Also, remember, that the board will progress at the speed of the wave. Be sure to keep your arms extended and lean slightly forward.
  4. Position. Keep one foot along the tail and another in the middle of the board. Don't stand up completely. Instead, crouch, keep all of your weight in the middle of the board and practice on balancing yourself. Surfing is really easy so let the surfboard follow your motion.


Western Surfers Association



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