How To Starch Jeans

There are two different ways that know how to starch jeans. One way is starching them in the wash, and the other way is starching them after you wash them. It all depends on your preference.

What you need to starch jeans:

  • Liquid starch
  • Spray starch
  • Washing machine
  1. Starching jeans in the wash. Put your jeans in the wash as usual. On the last cycle, the rinse cycle, add the starch. The most common form of laundry starch is called Sta-Flo. You can purchase this at just about any store that carries laundry detergents. Sta-Flo is a great product to use when you need to get a good starch to your garments. On the back of the bottle you will find the ratios of how much starch to use per gallons of water. Read the directions carefully and there you go. After the wash is complete, your jeans are starched.
  2. Hang your jeans to dry. Putting your jeans in the dryer after they have been starched will break down the starch, and it will lose its effect. Hang up your jeans and let them air dry. Using your hands, flatten out all creases and wrinkles. Your jeans will dry nice and starched.
  3. Starching jeans after the wash. After your jeans have been washed you can still starch them. There are a couple of products like Faultless and Niagara that come in an aerosol can. Simply lay your jeans out flat or hang them up straight. Take the can of starch and generously spray the starch all over all parts of the jeans. Let dry.
  4. Turn the pair of jeans inside out. Denim is a thick fabric. You want to starch both sides of the material to get the full effect of the starch product. Make sure to let one side of the jeans dry thoroughly before turning them to the inside. You don't want a gummy feeling to your jeans. Once they are dry, you have successfully starched your jeans.
  5. Iron your starched jeans. If you are the type of person who likes their jeans starched, then you may as well get out the iron. An iron will give you the creases that you may desire in you jeans. If not, a stiff pair of jeans always holds it's form. Starch is good for clothing. It makes it last longer.
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