How To Start An Affair

If you are married, then you have probably always wanted to know how to start an affair. Starting an affair can be dangerous and tricky, so you have to know what you are doing. Men who successfully start affairs plan a good strategy ahead of time. This is the best strategy for starting an affair.

  1. Get a prepaid cell phone. The first thing you need to do to start an affair is to get a prepaid phone so your wife can't see who you have called on your cell phone. When you buy the prepaid cell phone, you need to pay cash so your wife doesn't notice the charge on the debit or credit car. Once you buy the prepaid cell phone, make sure you don't leave it anywhere where your wife will see it.
  2. Look for lonely women. No matter how clever you think you are, don't start looking for lonely women on the internet unless you are using a friend's computer. If you use your own computer to look for lonely women, chances are your wife will find out. Lonely women are all over the place, so start looking for them at places such as work and the grocery store. If you notice a woman who doesn't talk or smile much, then she is probably lonely.
  3. Start flirting with different women. You need to start out subtle to see if the woman is into you. Start by telling a woman that she looks nice. If she smiles or says thank you, then you can try some stronger flirting with her such as touch her arm or hair. You should never ever flirt with any women that your wife is friends with unless the woman flirts with you first.
  4. Put your wedding ring on your key chain. Many women won't even think about letting you start an affair with them if they see that you are wearing a wedding ring. Keeping it on your key chain is a good idea, because it is out of sight when you are trying to start an affair, but since most people use their keys all the time, you probably won't lose your ring this way. Keeping the ring on your key chain is also a good idea, because the ring will be close enough by if you need to slip it on your finger quickly if your wife unexpectedly shows up when you have it off.
  5. Make plans when your wife is busy. If you don't want your wife to be suspicious when you are starting an affair, then you need to make plans to meet women when your wife has other plans. If you start making plans when your wife isn't busy, she is probably going to start to get very suspicious. For example, if you know your wife has a PTA meeting the first Tuesday of every month, then plan to meet a woman on that night.

Starting an affair can be thrilling, but it can ruin your life if you get caught. Before starting an affair, you need to make sure that it is something you really want to do.

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