How To Start An Affordable Home Studio

Working from home is a dream for many and if you are a photographer, it is easy to learn how to start an affordable home studio. Even an amateur with little experience can create a home studio and a successful business.

  1. Get the legal stuff completed. It is important to have a legal business and it doesn’t have to cost a great deal. Purchase a business license for your local area and make sure you do not need any insurance to run your business. You may also want to have a contract drawn up for your clients to sign before you bring them into your home studio. Often, a lawyer will create a contract for you for very little money.
  2. Shop classifieds, garage sales and flea markets. Shop online and newspaper classifieds in your area for affordable home studio supplies. Many people sell their used photography equipment and you may even be able to find expensive equipment like lighting. Garage sales and flea markets are also great options for finding props to use in your home studio. Look for jewelry, picture frames, antique chaises and chairs for much cheaper and with a much more unique look than what you could purchase new.
  3. Set up your affordable home studio. You do not have to have an expensive camera and lighting when you are first starting out. Choose a room in your home with excellent lighting. You may have to take several pictures of your family or friends around the house until you find the right area. For backdrops, hang sheets from the ceiling. Tie-dying the sheets can add texture to the backdrop. Sheets are cheap and look great in pictures.
  4. Offer CDs or email images instead of printing pictures. Printing is expensive, so instead of trying to find a printer, create a CD or email the images. This creates a much more affordable home studio because you do not have to take the time of dealing with printing when your clients can print their own images.
  5. Use friends and family first. Create a client list when you first start your home studio by taking pictures of your friends and family. Offer free sittings until you have a decent portfolio set up for new clients to see your work.
  6. Post portfolio on a free blog site. An affordable home studio no longer is just in your home but extends onto the internet. Since you cannot afford a website until your business takes off, use a free blog site to post the pictures you have taken so you can send clients to the site to view your work.
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