How To Start An AM Radio Station

Wondering how to start an AM radio station? Starting an AM radio station is not easy to do because there are many government rules and regulations you will have to follow to get your radio station up and running successfully. You’ll also have to obtain radio equipment, which can be expensive. Plan carefully as you get ready to start your AM radio station.

Things you’ll need:

  • Disc jockey
  • CDs
  • Radio station name
  1. Visit an AM radio station in your area to get you stated. Ask the station owner(s) if you can volunteer to work at the station to learn what the radio business entails. Do this for three months or more so you will know exactly how this business operates.
  2. Contact radio station owner(s) to help you start your AM radio station. Find their contact information and ask to schedule an interview by phone, email or in person so that you can find out how they started their AM radio station. Prepare a list of questions to ask about starting an AM radio business. Use the information to help you start your AM radio station. Follow their advice.
  3. Make sure you hire a business lawyer that specializes in business law so he/she can help you start a radio business. Tell your lawyer to fill all the necessary paperwork to help you get a local, state and federal business license to operate an AM radio station in your city. Pay the lawyer all the fees and get the tax ID numbers so you will be able to pay your taxes.
  4. Locate a suitable location to start your AM radio station. Try to find a high rise location where you can view the traffic and inform your listeners about traffic conditions. Arrange a meeting with an experienced telecommunications specialist that knows how to set up a radio station and pay him a fee to help you get all the supplies and equipment you will need.
  5. Run your AM radio business by yourself to help you get started. Decide what type of music you want to play for listeners on your radio station. Make calls to area businesses and sell your AM radio advertisement information to them. Ask advertisers to sponsor your radio station. Visit your local small business development office and ask for assistance with developing a business plan to increase sales.
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