How To Start The Atkins Diet Correctly

Interested in learning how to start the Atkins Diet correctly? This low-carb diet has garnered attention as an effective way to lose weight. It is also a commitment to improving well-being, not only through food, but with nutritional supplements and regular exercise. Learn how to start the Atkins Diet with these simple guidelines.

  1. Get rid of the carbs. The beginning period of the Atkins Diet is called the Induction phase. During this time it is important to not eat any high-carb foods. This means the first step to correctly starting the Atkins plan is to remove all foods that could disrupt this phase. This includes bread, pasta, rice, crackers, cereal, fruit, potatoes, beans and dairy (cheese, cream and butter is fine).
  2. Shop for Atkins-friendly foods. Collect the foods that you will eat during the Induction phase of the Atkins Diet. This includes fish, shellfish, chicken, turkey, eggs, meat, butter, nutritional oils and low-carb vegetables, such as salad greens.
  3. Start the induction phase. The correct way to start the Atkins Diet is to begin with the Induction phase. During this period the diet is extremely strict with a daily carb ceiling of twenty grams, which will probably be consumed from salad greens. No grains, fruits, starchy veggies, yogurt, milk, beans, nuts and seeds are allowed because of carbohydrate content. This also includes beverages: no soda, juices or other drinks with sugary carbohydrates. Eat three meals a day, or six small meals a day.
  4. Adjust your eating schedule. The Atkins Diet is not meant to deprive or starve. During this phase, try to learn how to eat when you are hungry, but also not to overeat when you really do not need any more food.
  5. Take nutritional supplements. Without fruit, grains, nuts, beans and many vegetables, it is difficult to meet nutritional needs. Make sure you take a multivitamin, preferably one without iron.
  6. Drink eight glasses of water a day. This is especially important to support digestion and the absorption of nutrients during the starting phase of the Atkins Diet.

Once you have started the Atkins Diet correctly, you will be able to lift many eating restrictions, yet still maintain your desired weight. By following strict guidelines in the beginning, you will be more likely to be successful down the road. Make sure you talk to your doctor before starting this diet plan, as there are health concerns.

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