How To Start Breakfast Catering Business

If you're in love with cooking and keeping people happy, learning to start a breakfast catering business may be the match made in heaven for you. Catering, in and of itself, can be quite challenging but a breakfast catering business can be more laid back with fewer items offered yet in greater variety (think bagel, lox and cream cheese, or bagel, lox and red onion, or bagel, lox and egg, etc). And, with not a lot of money needed, you can quickly and efficiently start a breakfast catering business by following just a few simple steps.

  1. Check with your local business office to find out what laws you must follow. Different areas of the country have different regulations regarding catering businesses. Hopefully, your breakfast catering business will only have to follow basic sanitary guidelines, but it's always necessary to check first.
  2. Develop a strong business plan for your breakfast catering business. You'll have a better chance at success if you have a well thought out plan which details how you expect to obtain financing, how you plan for your business to develop, where you hope to market your breakfast goodies, and a strong idea of short and long-term goals for your financial success. You'll also have a better chance of obtaining financing, if needed, if you can approach potential financiers with a strong business plan. A well developed business plan means that you're serious about getting your new business off the ground.
  3. Gather the supplies needed for your breakfast business. Purchase the best quality supplies you can afford; there's no sense paying $3 for an omelet pan which will lose its non-stick lining in two weeks. Buy good quality spatulas, pans, and food items. Offering a top-of-the-line bagel might cost you a bit more but, in the long run, the quality will remain in the minds of your customers.
  4. Select a memorable name and logo for your breakfast catering business. You'll go farther with your catering business if you select a snappy name instead of just using your name or initials. For example, selecting a name such as 'Sunrise Breakfast Catering' brings to mind a pleasant image and even pinpoints your specialization in preparing foods for breakfast catering.
  5. Start small by targeting local businesses. Make ten or twelve simple breakfast sandwiches, such as bacon and egg on a bagel, or a yummy bagel, lox and cream cheese, and visit a small local office to make a few sales. Make sure you attach a business card to each sandwich so, with each sale, you'll start working on your reputation and name recognition. Target offices where people will be getting into work early. Early workers mean they might have missed breakfast!
  6. Specialize in customer satisfaction along with offering delicious breakfast foods. You'll go far is you keep your customers happy so foster relationships by offering a special on breakfast sandwiches each day of the work week. For example, Monday may be Monstrous Mondays with a large breakfast sandwich of steak, egg, onion, tomato, and cheese on a large bagel for $4. Also, offering a free sandwich with the purchase of five breakfast meals just might get you more sales.

Tip: If you get a complaint, do everything possible to make that customer happy. Offer a free sandwich, drink or whatever it is that will put the customer back in the right frame of mind when thinking of your breakfast catering business. And, remember: the customer is always right!

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