How To Start A Brewery In Oregon

Knowing how to start a brewery in Oregon will depend on the type of brewery you are interested in starting, and the local and state laws and regulations established to regulate brewing. Many individuals who appreciate good beer are enticed by the idea of starting their own brewery. Regardless of whether you're doing it for excitement or financial reward, you will need to learn a few things before you begin.

  1. Find out the local and state laws and regulations involving starting a brewery in Oregon. You can achieve this by contacting the local court house in your area or a small business ombudsman for the state of Oregon. This will help you ensure you are following all the guidelines and laws before starting your journey into the brewery business.
  2. Perfecting your brew. Prior to starting your business should already have the perfect brew concocted. Success will depend on your ability to keep your new brewery alive, and your brew will need to be good enough to keep customers coming back. Selecting the ingredients and being able to serve up a finished product are of utmost importance.
  3. Packaging your brew. This is an important step in your new business. Are you looking for your bottles to stand out, carry uniqueness or stay with the general brown bottle? You will need a name for your beer as well. Your bottling and labeling will need a sharp marketing angle to catch people’s eyes and attract them to your beer.
  4. Serving up your new brew. You are going to want people to want your beer. If you plan to be successful you will need to start getting people to drink your brew. Contact local bars and see if they would be willing to put your beer on tap. Find ways to market your beer within the local laws of Oregon. Host tasting events, set up booths at food festivals, offer free samples wherever you can. Do whatever is necessary to get your brew on the palates of your future customers.
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