How To Start A Car After New Carburetor

Chances are good that if you're wondering how to start a car after new carburetor work has been done that you have already replaced your carburetor and have no wish to damage it further. There are two methods to use so that you can be sure that if the part is working properly and properly put in, the car will easily start. To do this you will need the items listed below.

  • Starter fluid or a small amount of gasoline
  1. Expose the carburetor. You will need to have access to this part. Depending on what type of vehicle you have, it may already be exposed or you may have to move something like the air filter to get to the part.
  2. Locate the valve. This part has a valve that opens and  closes. It will be a flat circular piece on top of the carburetor.
  3. Provide fuel. A new carburetor has no fuel in it. It needs some gas or starter fluid for it to work, but not so much that it floods the engine. Spray a small amount of starter fluid on the flap or pour a small amount of gasoline on it. You can actually push the flap open to get the fuel inside of the carburetor.
  4. Start the vehicle. If it usually starts up immediately and is not doing so now, give the carburetor another small amount of fuel and try again. If you have put too much fluid in the carburetor, it will flood the engine and not start. Allow the vehicle to be left alone for about ten minutes, then try again but do not put any more fluid on or under the flap.
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