How To Start A Cardio Weight Loss Program

Figuring out how to start a cardio weight loss program is not very difficult at all. All it takes is a conscious effort on your part to improve your health; the actual weight loss program is easy to start. The problem with standard cardio weight loss programs is that the routine can become boring relatively quickly. It's up to you to create a cardio program that can keep you interested. Here are some ideas that can help make your cardio weight loss program more enjoyable. It wont be easy, but it wont be boring either.

  1. Before beginning any workout regimen, you need to consult a doctor. This goes double for you guys out there who haven't worked out since high school. You could've gone through a lot of changes during your workout hiatus. It's better to be safe than sorry. Once you're OK'd by the doc, you can begin your weight loss program.
  2. You have to eat right, period. You can kick your butt in the gym but you won't accomplish anything if you keep eating boat loads of fried foods and other unhealthy choices. Look at it this way: your body's a machine, and the food is your fuel. Naturally, the machine will function better with better (healthier) fuel.
  3. If you're trying to lose weight, the cardio element of your weight loss program is the most important. Cardio should take up the majority of your workout. The key to making your cardio effective is keeping your heart rate at an aerobic rate. If, during your cardio, you work out too hard, your body goes anaerobic, causing the efficiency of your fat burning abilities to significantly drop. You can tell you've become anaerobic when you're panting and gasping for air during your workout. You don't want that. You can tell you're in an aerobic range when you can work out and keep a steady breathing pattern. You should be able to talk with little difficulty. For those of you not used to telling the difference, any number of machines can calculate and monitor your heart rate. During your workouts, you want to keep your heart going at a steady aerobic rate for 30 to 45 minutes a session.
  4. Lifting weights can actually promote fat burning and weight loss as well. Well-conditioned muscles burn fat the stronger they get. The thing is, you're trying to lose weight initially. So, you want to lift light weights, doing many repetitions. If you lift heavy, you'll bulk up. So focus on slimming down first. Once you get to a desired size, then you can switch up your program and pack on muscle, which, by the way, weighs more than fat.
  5. Don't get bored. There's a million and one ways to get your daily dosage of cardio. You don't have to stay on those elliptical machines. Hiking, certain outdoor sports, basketball, and great sex can all be classified as a decent source of cardiovascular exercise. Don't allow yourself to get bored or you'll find yourself shirking your workout responsibilities more and more. So keep your cardio program varied.



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