How To Start A Catering Truck Business

Knowing how to start a catering truck business can lead to an attractive addition to your income or become a full-time venture. If you like food and you like people, this may be the business for you. However, being just as comfortable with the paperwork side of things is a necessity. You will have to become familiar with some of your state governmental agencies like The State Department of Health at the beginning of your venture.

  1. Create a business plan. Since you will need a business plan for your catering truck business to submit to agencies that will issue the required permits for operation, it’s a good idea to create one as the first step in this venture. Some of the more important things you will need to include are the products you will sell, prices, equipment to be used and the type of catering truck you will use in the operation of the business. Not only will this prove useful in obtaining your permits, it will also serve as a realistic presentation of your start-up costs.
  2. Obtain the correct licenses and permits. Before you can begin to operate your catering truck business, you will need the proper documentation from state and federal agencies. The most common documents required are a food safety permit from the State Health Department, business license from the Internal Revenue Service and local permits from your county offices. Contact the needed departments or visit their websites for specific information regarding your state’s requirements.  
  3. Select your territory. Now that you have all the necessary equipment and paperwork to operate your catering truck business, the only thing left is to choose the areas you will work. Keep in mind the type of food you want to sell and research what locations in your city would be the most responsive to your product. Pay special attention to areas with businesses that have many employees since the lunch rush crowd will likely make up the bulk of the profit for your catering truck.


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