How To Start A Dog Grooming Shop

Do you want to learn how to start a dog grooming shop? Starting a dog grooming shop isn’t for everyone. It requires a lot of hard work and determination. But if you’re able to see it out from beginning to end it can be very rewarding. You will need to start a business plan. This will keep you on track and will remind you of all the things you need to do.

Materials needed:

  • Certified license
  • Business location
  • Advertisement money
  1. As with all business you will be to make sure that you know how to do the services that you’re offering. With dog grooming, you will need to take a course or two to become licensed. Most areas will offer this. A quick search or online will find the closes classes available to you. Most states require 300 hours of in class study.
  2. After completing all of your classes you’ll be able to figure out where you want to run your business. Some people choose to section off part of their house to run their business, other decide to rent a booth at a local dog grooming shop, or you an take a large jump into running your own shop.
  3. While setting up shop, you need to make sure that it’s comfortable for people and their dogs. To make sure everyone is happy you need to keep distractions to a minimum, keep the place clean and orderly, and make sure that it’s as quiet as possible. Keeping your dog grooming shop clean is essential. This will keep diseases from spreading from dog to dog.
  4. Remember that your clients are extremely important. They will be the ones who spread the word about your business. It’s a good idea to be kind and polite to all of them. And treat their dogs the same way as you’d treat your own. Keep your prices reasonable. Contact other dog grooming shops in the area to see what they charge and base your prices on that. As you gain more clients and words gets around about your business it’s okay to raise those prices a bit.

Make sure that you cross your T’s and dot your I’s. You will need to speak to an insurance broker that will tell you exactly what you need for your dog grooming shop. This is necessary, and what you will need to have covered will vary from state to state.

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