How To Start A Fan Club

If you would like to start a fan club for your favorite celebrity, you will need to put a lot of effort into getting one up and running. However, the work you put into starting a fan club pays off: you will be able to meet other people with the same interests and perhaps even meet the person your club promotes.

  1. First, attain permission to start a fan club. Whether it is official or unofficial, this will help you evade future conflicts regarding copyright and trademark regulations.
  2. Next, contact the artist’s promoter about merchandising (after deciding what your fan club will offer). You will also need to estimate the production costs, mailing expenses, and general overhead before starting a fan club.
  3. Decide on a membership fee when you first start your fan club. This will help cover the aforementioned expenses involved in running a fan club.
  4. Obtain a staff for the fan club, whether paid or volunteer. You will need these people to handle publishing, accounting, merchandising, public relations, and general administration. Make sure they will be able to keep careful records of your club’s business transactions.
  5. Decide on a format for the fan club’s magazine. This is the most important part;you will need to decide on the appearance, types of information presented, as well as writers and editors. Try to get the artist himself to participate in your newsletter.

Before you start a fan club, keep in mind that membership fees generally don’t cover a fan club’s expenses entirely. You may need to provide your own capital or even sell merchandise to meet your club’s financial needs. Also, a fan club takes a lot of work, but it does pay off in the end.

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