How To Start Far Cry In Devmode

If you own "Far Cry" then you need to know how to start "Far Cry" in dev mode. It is very simple to begin your copy of "Far Cry" in dev mode so you can mod it and add cheats and other fun things that make the game so much better!

  1. Start by making sure there is a "Far Cry" icon on your desktop. This isn’t an absolutely necessary step to starting "Far Cry" in dev mode but it is the quickest way that will get the job done right. This icon will be important in a later step.
  2. Insert the "Far Cry" disk into the drive or do what you need to do to get the game setup to go, but don’t start it. This way you can edit the "Far Cry" icon on the desktop to be put into dev mode and then immediately get your game started up and ready to go. Be sure to once again not start the game right now as you have not edited the file correctly.
  3. Right click the "Far Cry" icon on the desktop. Scroll down on the list until you see properties. Click properties and you should see some file information about "Far Cry" such as the game name, and you should also see a spot labeled target. This is your target!
  4. Go down to the box titled target and enter “–devmode” at the end of the code. This is what will put "Far Cry" into the dev mode that will enable cheats for the game and you to have a little bit of extra fun.
  5. Start the "Far Cry" game. Be sure to do this by clicking on the icon you just edited with the new code and you can now enjoy cheats.
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