How To Start A Food Delivery Business

Have you ever wondered how to start a food delivery business? A meal delivery business is not very difficult to start, and it is not expensive either. You can start your food delivery business in any area. However, starting your delivery business in a metropolitan area might be the easiest, and probably offers you the most customers.

Things you need to start a food delivery business:

  • Business license
  • Automobile or bicycle
  • Food
  • Computer
  • Telephone
  1. Decide if you want to deliver lunch only or whether you want to deliver dinner. After you have decided what mode of delivery is better for you, choose a target area, and investigate to find out if this type of service is already available.  A good target market to consider are corporate businesses. There are many businesses where the office workers have to leave the building during lunch because they do not have a cafeteria.
  2. Think about the cost of setting up the food delivery business. If you are preparing the meals in your kitchen, determine if your kitchen can accommodate the new business.  
  3. Think about insurance, and contact some insurance companies for quotes. You should have some form of liability insurance in case your clients become ill while eating your food.  Having insurance also gives your business piece of mind, and it appears more professional as well to your customers.
  4. Determine how you would deliver the food to the business. Will you drive your car or use a bike? Is your car dependable? Make sure you have an answer to these questions because you will need dependable transportation for your food delivery business.
  5. Consider how much it is going to cost. This is rough estimate and you may have to tweak the budget after the business is up and running.
  6. Review all your options. Ask yourself if you want to prepare the meals at home, or whether you need to hire a restaurant to prepare the meals. If you use a restaurant, it would most likely be on a commission-based system.
  7. Contact your local, city, state and Federal agencies for their guidelines regarding this type of business. You probably will need a business license as well as other paper work completed to set up the business. If you are running this business from your home, you definitely need to contact your local health department for their guidelines.
  8. Use technology to establish your delivery business. Build a website so your customers can order food online. When you set up the website, add menus, prices and any other information that will make it easy for your customers to place their order efficiently.
  9. Advertise your business. When you advertise, list your prices and tell your customers that you offer online service so they can see how easy it is to place an order. You can use flyers and drop them off at businesses in your area or drop your business cards off at businesses.
  10. Start your business off slowly and later as your business is set up go ahead and add different locations. Make sure you are not too far from the areas you selected. You do not want to have an order fifty miles away and have to deal with traffic issues and arrive at your destination late.
  11. Obtain a phone line specifically for your delivery business.  Get someone to assist you with the phone while you are making food delivery.  
  12. Always be on time when you make your food delivery. Smile and greet everyone in a courteous manner. You want to develop a reputation for being a friendly and an efficient delivery person.  Selling good food, but having inferior service will kill your business.
  13. Try to find your niche. Do this by offering foods that your customers may not find at their local fast food restaurant.  You can try organic meals or vegetarian meals, only you can determine which route is better for you.

Starting a delivery food business is hard work. However, if you like cooking, the hard work is also fun as well!


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