How to Start a Football Team

With football being such a popular sport in the United States, it leaves many people looking for information on how to start a football team. There are youth and adult football leagues all the way up to college, so anyone looking to start a football team should be able to do so. Let's talk about some of the necessary steps to start a football team.

Things you'll need:

  • At least 30 willing players
  • Football league
  • Coach
  • Assistant coach (optional)
  • Sponsors (optional)
  1. Find enough people to make a football team. There are eleven players on offense, eleven on defense, a kicker and a punter. A player can both play offense and defense, but that can wear a player out, so it is better to have eleven offensive players and eleven separate defensive players. In order to field a football team, it is good to have at least 30 players. 
  2. Find a league that the football team can join.  Whether it is a youth team or adult team, it is important to find the nearest football league and see if they have any openings. A team may need to find sponsors in order to get into the league because of expenses
  3. Once the team has enough players and an opponent, the next step is to start practicing to prepare the team for games. Each player on the team needs to be assigned a position on the field. Team practices should consist of everything that is necessary to prepare a team for games. This includes learning plays, practicing plays and more. During practice, a team should be preparing for any situation that may be encountered in a game.
  4. Deal with potential injuries. Many teams have all players sign a waiver that does not hold anyone liable for the injuries that occur while playing football. Other teams may take out an insurance policy to cover all of the players. This depends on the budget the football team has.
  5. If the person that founded the team is coaching, it is possible he could need some help. When starting a football team, all of the responsibilities of coaching a team can be too much to handle. An assistant can be brought in to help with offense, defense or anything that a coach feels he needs assistance.

If done properly, starting a football team can be a fun experience for everyone involved. No matter what the age, if someone enjoys playing football, he should join a team and experience all of the fun that comes with it.

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