How To Start A Good Swimming Exercise Routine

Get in shape by learning to how start a good swimming exercise routine. Getting into a good swimming exercise routine is a great way to improve your health and strength. A swimming exercise routine is also a great way to lose weight if that's one of your goals. Don't expect to swim for miles the first time you hop in the pool, though. A good swimming routine requires practice and patience.

  1. See your doctor before beginning your swimming exercise routine. You'll need a clean bill of health to make sure you are able to swim without any problems or complications.
  2. Start small. The first day you hop in the pool, swim 100 yards, which is 2 laps in an average, or 25 yard pool. Take a short break and rest for several breaths.
  3. Swim another 100 yards, then take a 12-breath rest. Swim 100 more yards, then rest. Swim another 100 yards, then rest again.
  4. Swim 50 yards, or 1 lap. Rest for eight breaths, then swim another 50 yards and rest. Repeat two more times.
  5. Finish your swimming exercise routine for the day by swimming 25 yards, or one length of the pool. You'll be tired by this point, so rest for another four breaths before swimming back the length of the pool. Swim one more lap, resting for four breaths between lengths.
  6. Repeat your swimming exercise routine three times a week to build stamina and strength. Add 50 laps each week, until you've reached a "swimmer's mile," or 1,650 yards in one week.
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