How To Start A Harley Davidson Sportster Xl 883

You can learn how to start a Harley Davidson Sportster XI 883 by following a few simple steps. Harley Davidson motorcycles have become an iconic symbol in the United States, as well as lifestyle for many. If you own a Harley Sportster XI 883, you can start it by following these steps.

To start a Harley Davidson Sportster XI 883, you will need:

  • Ignition key
  1. Open the cap for the fuel tank and see how much fuel is in your motorcycle. Add fuel as needed. Note that the engine may not start if you have low fuel. This can also ruin your fuel pump.
  2. Locate the fuel line switch and turn it to "On" or "Res" which stands for reserve. Reserve pulls fuel from other parts of the engine if the tank is empty.
  3. Activate the choke by fully extending the choke knob. Insert the key and turn the motorcycle on.
  4. Pull the clutch all the way back and put the bike into neutral. Neutral is between first and second gear. You can get to neutral by putting it in first gear, with the clutch held, and then pulling up one time.
  5. Push and hold the "start" button briefly. The button is located on the right handlebar, near the right blinker switch.
  6. Listen to the engine and ensure that it is not sputtering or lugging. Allow it to run with the choke still on for three or four minutes. The engine sound should gradually get stronger.
  7. Push the choke knob in gradually during the three or four minutes that you let the motorcycle engine warm up. Drive the motorcycle once the engine sound strong and you push the choke knob in all the way.

 Never drive your motorcycle with the choke on. This can damage the engine since the fuel mixture is too rich.

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